Our mission is to provide an
accessible, digital and HQ art experience
WindowSight is an online visual art streaming platform that integrates a new revenue system for artists.
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Why WindowSight?
I can listen to amazing music anywhere and watch movies anytime
Yet, is Instagram the closest I can get to an artist’s work?
The digital revolution that impacted most areas of our lives did not have the same impact on visual art.
Who is WindowSight?
We’re a team of art and tech enthusiasts from Barcelona.
How did we get here?
We wanted to enjoy art in HQ aywhere, anytime and support the artists we love.
WindowSight turns TVs into artistic supports to bring high quality streaming to visual arts.
High quality without limits
Revenue System
Compensate the artists directly for the time their art has been enjoyed
Subscription model
Unlimited access to all content
A digital artistic experience becomes accessible and Artists get a new source of income.
The Art in WindowSight
Through WindowSight, Artists can make sure their art continues to be enjoyed by people anywhere, beyond temporary exhibitions and one-time sales.
Our curators not only review each artwork that is added to the platform one by one, they are also hunting for new talent every day.

Many. We classify them in the following categories:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Mixed Media
  • Loop
  • Cinemagraph
  • Boomerang
  • Videostacks

The WindowSight Artist Members. Artists upload the content they wish to share, which undergoes a quality check before being published.

In the app!

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